Gregory Murad Reis

Saving Biscayne Bay - 2021

In August 2020, Biscayne Bay, FL, experienced unprecedented levels of low oxygen, resulting in a massive fish kill. I am part of FIU's team that is relentless working to rescue Biscayne Bay in Florida. I am currently developing new algorithms and technologies to help researchers and authorities monitor the oxygen levels. We have been conducting frequent missions off the coast of South Florida to collect water data and investigate the causes of this environmental disaster.

This special was aired on WPLG Local 10 News in Miami, FL, on Friday, April 2nd 2021 at 5:30pm (EST).


Environmental Resilience at the Board of Trustees Meeting - 2021


Research Projects 🔬

My research interests intersect the areas of Aquatic Robots, Persistent Ocean Monitoring, Artificial Intelligence, and STEM Education.

Key problems I have addressed so far include: localization and navigation of underwater robots in GPS-denied environments, analysis of the spatio-temporal dynamics of the ocean, data analysis of water profiles, persistent monitoring of the ocean using under-actuated robots, and artificial intelligence models applied to agriculture and welfare of poultry.

Recently, I have studied the integration of active learning into Software Engineering and Programming synchronous remote learning environments and how to effectively implement and assess robotics educational platforms in the K-12 curriculum.

So far I have published 16 articles and I have 101 citations.

Research Grants and Awards 🏆

  • Co-PI - DoD (US Department of Defense) - Acquisition of a Combined Aerial and Underwater Motion Capture System - $600,000.00 - July 2021 - Future
  • Co-I/Senior Investigator - NSF (National Science Foundation) - RET in Engineering and Computer Science SITE: Research Experience for Teachers on Cyber-Enabled Technologies - $600,000.00 - March 2021 - PresentAward Info
  • Co-PI - Microsoft Philanthropies - Development of Teacher Trainings and Professional Workshops in Robotics partnered with nonprofit Miami EdTech, local chapter of CS Teacher's Association, and Miami-Dade County Public Schools - $195,000.00 - May 2020 - Present
  • PhD Fellow - CAPES (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel) - Augmented Terrain-Based Navigation To Enable Persistent Autonomy For Underwater Vehicles In GPS-Denied Environments - $146,004.10 - August 2014 - Summer 2018

Students' Research Presentations 🎤

Biscayne Bay Quality of Underwater Data Analytics
MathBotics - Learning Management System

Students Evaluation 📚

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Teaching Philosophy 📚

My primary goal in education is to help students become self-motivated, confident and prepared to expand their limits. I have learned that no two students are equal, they have a diverse array of backgrounds, strengths and learning styles. I strive to ignite the initial spark that make students curious, engaged and excited to take their knowledge forward.

I believe that information needs to be meaningful so that the students will be able to store, retrieve and make it into long-term memory. Students retain information better when the objectives of a course are clear and specific rather than diffuse. Active learning is used in most of my classes. Students need to notice, reflect on results and get feedback. Furthermore, they learn by doing, redoing and reflecting, not simply watching and listening.

The objective of the class goes way beyond covering the syllabus, I care about how to cause the students to learn and entice them to enjoy the action of learning. I aim at creating a supportive environment with double-sided communication, cooperative learning and teamwork activities. I strive to make my assessments match the goals and be fair. These goals must be clear to the students and observable to me. I provide study guides, hands-on activities and use instructional technology tools (e.g. course management systems, simulations and interactive multimedia tutorials). I relate the concepts covered in the material with real life examples, research and industry applications, and motivate the students by showing them how important the concepts are for their careers and even daily life. I avoid content overload and develop tasks that require critical thinking, creativity, dialogue and collaboration. I provide my students the ability to learn new skills while adapting to a changing industry.

The consciousness of the freedom we have is the power each of us has to transform our reality. We live a perpetual pedagogical process that exists from the “problem-posing” way which our education is built upon. As Paulo Freire constantly discussed in his book “Pedagogy of the oppressed”, the banking concept of education has turned great students into a box of deposited information, with no critical thinking, problem-solving skills and relation to real life. The contents of STEM-based courses are intrinsic to the environment we live in. A student should be able to identify problems, raise questions, develop and apply techniques and evaluate results. We exist with the world and understanding its nature needs to be done passionately and responsibly. That is how I lead my classes and I intend to continue doing so for my entire life.

Written by Gregory Murad Reis in December 2017

List of Classes 🏫

Work Experience 💻

2021 - Present
Assistant Teaching Professor
Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences, FIU, USA
2019 - Present
Affiliated Faculty / Researcher
The Institute of Environment, FIU, USA
2016 - Present
Robotics Coordinator
The Academy for Computer Science Education, FIU, USA
2018 - 2020
Visiting Instructor
Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences, FIU, USA
2014 - 2018
Graduate Assistant
Motion, Robotics, and Automation Laboratory, FIU, USA
Adjunct Professor
Technology and Exact Sciences Institute, Federal University of Lavras, Brazil
2009 - Present
Software Engineer / Co-Founder
Dez Real Estate LLC, Brazil

Education 🎓

2014 - 2018
Ph.D. in Computer Science
Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences, FIU, USA
2012 - 2014
M.S. in Systems Engineering
Engineering Department, Federal University of Lavras, USA
2008 - 2012
B.S. in Computer Science
Computer Science Department, Federal University of Lavras, USA

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